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Why Choose Us?

target-your-customersWhen you want to increase your brand’s online presence, there is no better place to turn to than the NY SEO Company. That’s because we have the experience and expertise to land you real results you can be proud of. Unlike a lot of other internet marketing companies, we know first hand what it takes to increase the web traffic on your website, turn visitors into customers and bring up your lifetime customer value. Here, you can count on us to employ different tactics that will set you heads and shoulders above your competition, making your website and business a true standout.

Why should you choose us over any other company that offers similar services?  It’s simple.  For starters, we take the whole picture into consideration. In other words, we analyze all aspects of running a business online. This includes website design, management, offline integration, traffic building and of course social media. Here at the NY SEO Company, we believe that to have a strong and successful company, there must be no weak links. That’s why we will make sure that your business is well-rounded so that you remain credible online.

For instance, with our internet marketing services, we will use both the web and e-mails to get the word out about your company. After all, publicity is key to any brand because if potential customers don’t know you exist, there is no way for them to do business with you. That’s why here at the NY SEO Company, we use these online tools to advertise your business, drawing in current and future clients and bringing up direct sales.

Then, there are our social media efforts, where we will interact with your customers through popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s so important to stay connected to your customers because you want to build a relationship with them. If they feel like you have their best interest in mind, customers will want to make as many purchases with you as possible. On the other hand, if they believe you are only using them to make a quick profit and would sell them short in a heartbeat, these clients may be weary of you and do their business elsewhere. Opposed to other internet marketing companies, we will respond to customers via social media pronto, so that they never feel like they are being blown off.  We will also engage with them through giveaways and follow sprees, so that we not only leave customers feeling involved with your business but also knowledgeable on the new products and services you’re promoting.

Another area that we specialize in, where many other SEO companies don’t is our video production services. We are living in a digital society, where practically everything is done online. That’s why we put together videos for your company and promote them on all the hottest spots on the web. This brings in a certain kind of buzz that will have onlookers talking, which will only end up helping your sales.

While you can have a huge online presence, it means nothing if potential clients can’t find you easily. No one understands this better than the NY SEO Company. We employ Google local marketing, so that your website ends up receiving more hits than ever before, which in turn leads to new customers. We will fill you in and give you advice on what needs to be done to achieve these kind of results, as well as optimize your website and Google profile so that customers who are seeking out the type of services and products you sell can find you right away on the front pages of Google and other search engines. The more visible you are, the better chances that you’ll connect with the right people looking to buy what you’re offering.

Now that you know more about our services and why they’re unlike anything else found in this market, it’s time to talk about our customer service department. Our staff is truly one-of-a-kind because they care about their clients. Other SEO companies tend to pass their customers’ cases onto entry-level workers who have no idea how to raise your online awareness. This often ends in misery for all parties involved. Trust us, that will never be the case here at the NY SEO Company. We value you and your business too much to ever steer you wrong. Instead, we will put our campaign managers in charge of our products, so that you have someone working for you who knows exactly what they’re doing to get results.

Not only is our staff professional and looking out for your well-being, but they’ve all gone through an extensive training period. This means they are very skilled in what it takes to increase your SEO ranking and drive in sales from both current and potential customers.  The best part, though, when working with us is that we’ll never pressure you into doing anything you don’t want. Remember, this is your company and you deserve to have the final say on what happens. We will always take your ideas and concerns into consideration. That’s why it’s so important that you voice your opinion, so that we can come up with the most effective solution on your terms.

Don’t waste any more of your time with SEO companies that will only disappoint you. Instead, come straight to the NY SEO Company. We not only provide outstanding services that our competitors can’t compete with, but also a level of customer service that will leave you completely satisfied.