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Certified New York SEO Company: Improve your SEO

When looking for a New York SEO Company Your Business and New York Web Design deserves a Professional New York Search Engine Optimization Company plus, they need to keep abreast of Google algorithm changes to ensure they don’t lose traffic or revenue from their online ventures.  With the seemingly volatile SEO landscape,  it is  not surprising to hear self-proclaimed gurus ranting that SEO is dead. Click Here and Call today for a FREE competitor Analysis. The truth is SEO is not dead. Yes, it may have changed, but it is still alive and if you know what to do, you should not hold your breath every time Google announces another update named after an animal. Who better to tell you then a Certified Google Partner and Data Driven New York SEO Company. I encourage you to contact us today at 866-895-5713! One of our New York Search Engine Optimization Professionals will do an immediate free diagnosis of your web presence and break down your competition for you on the spot.

Over the last few years, most business owners were lured into short-cut ways of gaining high rankings on Google in the great state of new york.  Churning poor quality content or not having professional content writing services new york, spamming websites with tons of low-quality links and other sneaky tactics were the order of the day. It is only right that Google had to step in and clean house. Websites that were using blackhat tactics have taken a hit since the Panda and Penguin updates, and website owners have seen declined revenue.

New York SEO CompanyBut like everything, some of Google’s actions affected even business owners that were doing things right. There are hundreds of horror stories of how small business owners lost their revenue overnight, when their websites were affected by either the Google Panda or Penguin updates.

In the movies, the good guy always wins. But does this also apply to SEO?

Fail-Proof Your Site from Google Algorithm Changes

Google updates seem to get both the big and small players (and yes, even those following white hat tactics). Fortunately, there are ways you can fail-proof your site from any algorithm changes.  To begin, you have to start with the basics:

i)  Get your On-Page Tags Optimization Right

Your website’s on-page optimization should be done right to proof your site from any Google updates. You already know the basics like using meta tags, title tags, alt tags and H1 tags. With these already taken care of, you have to check for duplicate content. It is amazing how many people think that duplicate content only applies on the main articles on your website. Dont Forget to call us here!
Make sure your title tags, meta descriptions and H1 tags are unique.  If you are running your website on WordPress, you can use a plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO to customize the titles  to avoid duplicate content.

If there are pages where you cannot escape duplicate content, make sure you attribute to them as “no-index”. This can be done on your website’s Robots.txt file.

ii) Write for Humans, Optimize for Search Engines

Content drives the web and this is not about to change anytime soon. Write  quality content for humans (your readers or target customers). However, make sure that the content is also optimized for search engines. This  means using just the right amount of keywords in the articles. Also, use related long-tail keywords in your articles to increase the possibility of them ranking high on search engines. Our New York SEO company only provides the best SEO services New York because, we understand what Search Engines whant and what they are looking for. Don't trust an SEO company New York that can't get the rankings themselves.

SEO New YorkThe human element comes into play in social sharing and conversions. In case you don’t know, Google is already taking social signals into play when ranking articles.  Thus, you want to write quality content that your readers will want to comment on, share on social media sites, tweet and so on. These social signals show that you are providing value to your users and thus the content is likely to be favored by Google for the keywords you are targeting.

But more than simply search engine rankings, you want to take advantage of  traffic referrals from social media networks. According to a recent report, Pinterest in driving more traffic to websites than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined. If you are not leveraging on the social network’s users, you are missing a chance to drive traffic to your site and improve your article’s ranking on Google.

iii)  Backlinks Still Matter for SEO New York

Link building may have been shaken by the recent Google updates, but they still matter when it comes to ranking. However,  link building is now only helpful if you get the right backlinks. This means getting diversified links originating from high quality pages. If you have been buying Scrapebox comments on Fiverr,  they don’t work anymore. You need to create links from niche sites that have a good page rank if you want to do SEO New York Right.

You need a link building strategy that will improve your website’s ranking.  One of the most effective link building strategies at this time is  guest posting. With guest posting, not only do you get to build high quality links, but you also tap into the readership of the blog where you are posting. This will not only drive traffic to your site, but can also increase your subscriber rate and get you  new customers.

iv) Take Care of the User Experience

Traditionally, you may not have seen user experience as part of the  requirements of search engine optimization. However, recent happenings confirm user experience matters.  The main elements of a good user experience are:

a) Site loading times: Optimize your site to load fast. Use a good web hosting company  that will keep your site up and running at all times.

b) Content: Your content needs to be relevant to the queries that users are looking for. A high bounce rate may indicate poor content.

c) Display: Your site should be optimized for users viewing it on different devices. Today, having a responsive website on all devices is a must.

New York Search engine optimization practices have changed over time. However, the new practices have just evolved from the basic practices. You need a good  New York SEO Company to help you with your SEO efforts New York. A company that is abreast with the latest SEO practices will  get your site ranking higher on Google faster.  Give our New York SEO Company a call today.