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Traditional Marketing


smm_vs_traditionalMarketing means everything to a company. In order for a business to reach their target audience and gain more customers, they have to get the word out about their services and products. Always keep in mind that publicity can truly make or break a brand. That’s why businesses all over the world rely on us here at The NY SEO Company to make their online presence known. Rest assured that when you hire us we will not only market your company to the fullest but also drive in more traffic and revenue along the way.


Direct Mail

One tactic we use in particular to market your website is direct mail. That’s because there are so many benefits that come with this. For starters, it’s an effective method of getting advertisements, product details and newsletters to potential customers. We know exactly what type of people will be interested in your services and who will only bypass any notifications. When you hire us to oversee your marketing, trust that those receiving your company’s information are actually want what you are selling. After all, why waste time advertising a product to people who won’t care?

At one point, mass mailings were the easiest way to reach a wide range of future customers. However, as the times evolved, these stopped seeing the light of day. In fact, we found that most of these mailings ended up in the trash, with little to no effect on those who saw it. That is because most people think of these items as junk mail.  To save your money and time, we decided to stick mostly to electronic means. Now, when we send out information to customers on your new products and sales, it goes through e-mail. This cuts down on your paper and postage costs, and also gets the information to your consumer faster than ever. Long gone are the days when it would take weeks to get your advertisements printed and shipped to consumers. Now these marketing tools reach potential customers with the simple click of a mouse.

While we purposely only send out mailings to your target audience, we still make sure that they are appealing to the eye. Remember, these materials are a representation of your company. If they look poorly done, that’s going to turn people off to wanting to do business with you. These flyers and brochures have to gather up interest and intrigue potential consumers. It should make future customers want to know more about your products, services and what you can do for them. Ideally, it needs to give people a reason to want to check out your website.

Our staff members want to work with you to make your site more successful than ever. No one knows your company better than you do and we value your opinions. We will ask you what you deem is important to know about your company and incorporate that into your marketing tools. This includes images and colors that represent your company into the mailings, while bringing focus to the specifics that customers need to know when doing business with you. Of course we will make it clear to those reading the marketing tools who you are and what you are selling. Once we have their attention, we will let them know how to contact you and give them a reason to do so.



Marketing-MixBesides direct mailings, hosting is a huge part of our traditional marketing strategy. For those who don’t know much about web hosting, it is basically when a person or business rents out a spot on the Internet to store their data. These hosts take your website and give it a domain where customers can easily find you online. In fact, every single website you see online is hosted on some type of server. It is necessary to have a functioning website.

However, like with anything in life, there is more than one host to choose from online. Each comes with their own features and specialties, which ultimately distinguish them from one another. For example, some hosts are free and very basic, while others cost a certain amount of money to have each year and are way more complicated to figure out. When you hire us at The NY SEO Company, we will work with you to figure out which host is best for your needs. Together, we will decide on which one helps market your company the best to future consumers.


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What’s the point in having a website if no one is going to see it? When you choose us at The NY SEO Company to handle your marketing, we will make sure that your company has a very visible online presence. We will employ different tactics like direct mailing and hosting to get the word out about who you are and what services and products you provide. To get started, call us at 954-305-7095. One of our staff members will be more than happy to talk to you in detail about our marketing methods. You can also get in touch with us by visiting our official website. Located under our contact us tab, all you have to do is fill out a form with your personal information and situation and we will respond back in a timely fashion. We have your best interest in mind and want to see your company succeed, so let us begin working for you today.