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Video Production Services

Why You Should Use Professional Video Production Services

video-productionVideo marketing has morphed over the last decade with the popularity of YouTube; more people than ever are watching videos online.  Customers can access your videos on Facebook and Google+ and link to them from Twitter. If you had to name the number one search engine in the world, you would easily name Google. If you had to name the second largest search engine in the world, what would you guess? Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, AOL, and Bing are all major competitors but none of them are right.

More people use YouTube to search for information than most other search engines. Why are so many people attracted to video? The B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey of 2012, released data showing that video is a heavy hitter in regards to attracting customers to learn more about a product or a company. Over 80 percent of respondents to the survey said that they access some form of marketing video content online.

With the popularity of YouTube, it is possible that you have considered creating your own campaigns to publish online. While this is definitely a cost effective option, it may not be very budget-friendly in the end. If you are considering professional video content to market online, you should think about hiring out for professional video production services.

Here is why:

Demand for better:

Because video is such a popular avenue of communication and marketing online, customers are more aware of better videos and better content. If you are unable to provide the type of quality they are looking for, they can and will find the information elsewhere. Unless your business is the business of making videos, you would have a bigger advantage earmarking some of your marketing budget for video marketing.

High quality work:  There are many factors that go into creating a good marketing video. On top of writing a script, you have to think about lighting, background noise, sound quality, location, uploading and promoting the video. A professional has a skill set designed to help you create the best video possible for marketing your product.

Better equipment: A standard video camera is not going to cut it for the HD saturated marketing world. Professional video production services will have access to better equipment including cameras and tripods to make sure your video shoot produces the best possible content.

Better writing: Professional services should be able to offer writing help. Even if you have written a brilliant marketing video, getting a professional opinion from someone whose business is marketing through video and online forums can only help. Simple changes in language and tone can make a huge impact on the quality of your video.

You could save time and money:


Shooting a high quality video can take a lot of time. If you do it yourself you will be responsible for drafting scripts, finding a location, setting up sound and lighting, shooting, editing and posting the video. The time you spend focused on creating and carrying out your marketing video will be time you take away from other projects.

Hiring a professional will free up a significant portion of your time allowing you to focus on only the aspects that you need to do and use the rest of the time working in your office, talking to clients and pursuing  other avenues of marketing.


The initial cost for your marketing video may be higher than what you would spend if you created the video yourself. However, consider the extra man hours (and pay) that go into creating a video as well as expenses for renting video equipment or a location.

When you hire a professional, you will get a better quality product for the money you invest. You should also consider the life span of your video.  A professional video is likely to get more visits, circulate longer and reach broader audiences.

Better Image:

The way people view your company largely affects the sales your company makes. Harvard researchers determined that while the majority of people only retain 20 percent of what they hear and 30 percent of what they see, they are capable of retaining 70 percent of what they see and hear combined.

Video marketing ivideo-productions a medium that allows your customers to see and hear what you have to offer. When you present them with a shoddy video, recorded on a hand-held camera in bad lighting and with poor sound quality, they are going to be limited on what they see and hear. Low quality videos can negatively affect your public image in a big way.

Take advantage of professional video production services to display your best side. Eliminate the potential distractions of bad sound, lighting and script by working with a company who knows exactly how to sell your product or your company through video.

Sometimes cutting expenses is a priority, particularly for small businesses; however, going cheap on video production could potentially set your back farther than adjusting your budget elsewhere and guaranteeing high quality, professional marketing material.

A good video is usable on your website, social media pages, and YouTube. A wise investment in a well-composed video can have long-lasting positive effect on your overall marketing campaigns. You need a video you can use repeatedly, when you rely on a professional service to help create and produce your videos you will better be able to create evergreen content that could potentially create traffic for months or even years.